XACADEMY Training course attended by Conscious Social Use.

Social use involves risks, especially when it is distorted. The dangers of social use can no longer be overlooked and if until some time ago the use of socializing technology was at the forefront of young people, nowadays most people use these tools to enter and stay in touch with the community.
In the face of growing criticisms, known and widely circulated by the media in the daily news, there is a need for greater awareness, both by young people who are still the major users of these tools but also by parents or teachers who besides having the duty to watch , in turn, have an obligation to acquire adequate knowledge to prevent the risks.

The XSERVIZI through its partner education department, XACADEMY, has started and made available for educational institutions a participatory training course aimed at obtaining a patent for socially aware use.

For information: info@xservizi.com