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We are experts in analyzing and preventing human, capital, commercial, territorial risks that can turn into huge losses, energetic and economic. Security for us is Prevention and only scientific knowledge, based on retrospective and repeatable observations, can provide a sensible assessment of current and future security and targeted and effective containment strategies can be applied well in advance.
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Predictive software to prevent retail theft

From KOIMANO source of information, particular and curious. Read the article

XINSURANCE to Neptune.

Young and innovative administrations know how to save and reduce the waste of public money. Neptune – Hail Damage. The municipality activates an anti-fraud service on claims. The Neptune City has launched an anti-fraud control service on road accidents, a tool that will analyze and highlight possible fraud attempts by accident simulation. Management is entrusted […]

XACADEMY Training course attended by Conscious Social Use.

Social use involves risks, especially when it is distorted. The dangers of social use can no longer be overlooked and if until some time ago the use of socializing technology was at the forefront of young people, nowadays most people use these tools to enter and stay in touch with the community. In the face […]
XMASS - Sicurezza delle masse

XMASS Safety of the Masses.

XSERVIZI Srl, in collaboration with successful partners in the world of public events, launches XMASS® proactive security service for the prevention of criminogenic risks in places where the critical presence of large masses, for sporting events, musicals and for further manifestations of great recall. The analysis and study of the past facts allows to predict […]

Video surveillance: crisis of ideas and risk of waste.

The security alert grows and new tools are tried and tested to improve the quality of Prevention. Video Surveillance is certainly one of the most discussed topics at this time and for Prevention Problem, it is accountable for resolving capabilities to the point that, daily, public and private administrations allocate resources for the realization of […]
Premio Innovazione Digitale SMAU 2015

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